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Artificial Grass Cube Furniture

Artificial Grass Cubes
Artificial Grass Cubes
Artificial Grass Cube Seats

 Grass Cube Seating

These artificial grass cubes are perfect for use in the home, garden or studio.

Made from the highest quality artifical grass materials and using the highest quality weatherproof infill materials - these unique pieces of furniture are each individually hand made in North east Lincolnshire and are available to purchase via Unreal Gardens or hire via our partners UnReal Oasis.

Artificial Grass Cube Furniture is available in standard sizes as follows and can also be custom made to clients requirements - contact us for more information.



H = 0.5m x W = 0.5m x D = 0.5m (Single)

H = 0.5m x W = 1.0m x D = 0.5m (Double)

H = 0.5m x W = 1.5m x D = 0.5m (Triple)


H = 0.75m x W = 0.75m x D = 0.75m (Single)

H = 0.75m x W = 0.75m x D = 1.5m (Double/Triple)

Custom shapes such as L shapes T shapes and I shapes are also configurable to order in size denominations as above.

These Grass Cubes from Unreal Solutions Ltd are not a mass produced item, each piece of furniture is hand stitched and therfore care and attention to detail is given to every individual item. By purchasing our Grass Cubes you are helping to ensure the fading craft of commercial sewing.

We also manufacture traditional bean bags made from artificial grass which unlike many others available are made entirely from artificial grass and not simply a top and different material. The below image shows a typical example of the kind of bean bag we can supply.


Artificial Grass Bean Bag


Artificial Grass Bean Bag Sizes:

0.5m x 0.5m (Child)

1.0m x 1.0m (Adult)

1.0m x 2.0m (Sharing)

Once again, all our artificial grass bean bags are hand made using the highest quality materials and attention to detail.

For all enquiries on purchase or bespoke requirements we encourage all customers to enquire on 01472 349700 or contact our hire partners at the following contact details:

Real Oasis Ltd

19 Station Road


Tel: +44 (0)1606 851740