Multi Edge properties as follows:

  • Flexible and versatile  
  • Will Never Rust or Rot  
  • Can Accomodate Undulating Ground
  • Perfect Straight Edges or Intricate Tight Curves  
  • Ideal for Edging Artificial Grass  
  • Extremely Lightweight  
  • Quick to install  
  • No Special Tools Required to fit  
  • Can be cut with Sharp Blade or Secateurs  
  • Made from Recycled Materials  

Multi Edge multi purpose garden and landscape edging is another product which forms part of the Unreal range of edgings. Unlike any of the other edging products currently available – Multi Edge is made using recycled plastics instead of metals.

Due to its design features – Multi Edge can cope well with undulating ground as well as flat surfaces. Multi Edge also utilises an “L” shaped profile but with a maximum upstand depth of just 20mm is a very discreet profile when installed – ideal for use with our range of artificial grass as well as real turf.

The standard colour of Multi Edge is brown to be inconspicuous when installed, and with just 20mm profile height has a wide variety of potential uses.

The base of Multi Edge is slotted for two reasons

  1. When installed with turf the root system binds the edging into the soil
  2. The spine can be cut which enables the edging to be flexed to form curves

Artificial Grass Staples can also be used to secure the edging in place. We recommend a minimum of 3 staples per metre of edging and more regularly where curves are to be acheived. These should be inserted through the spines of Multi Edge at a 45 degree angle for maximum security. When using Multi Edge with Artificial Grass – it can be installed either prior to laying the turf or after the turf has been cut to fit. The turf should then be bonded to the Multi Edge using special Artificial Grass Bonding Adhesive.

Multi Edge Specifications

Colour MaterialPiece
Lengths per
 C511 Brown HDPE  2 metre 1220mm 
 Steel225mm x 9mm 
Twisted Shank
 20N/A £15.00